Bounce® Free & Gentle Dryer Sheets Bounce Free Unscented Dryer Sheets. 3.0 out of5 based on 5ratings.

Bounce® Free & Gentle Dryer Sheets

Just because you have sensitive skin doesn’t mean your shirt needs to be wrinkly as a prune when it comes out of the dryer. 4-in-1 Bounce® Free and Gentle ™ dryer sheets may not have perfumes or dyes, but they do have static fighting powers, can reduce wrinkles and leave your clothes feeling softer.  Sensitive ?

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Bounce ® Free ™ Dryer Sheets 3 5 5 5
Useful Item Not only do I use these in the dryer, I also use them to clean the screens of my TVs! May 13, 2014
'free from perfume'?? I have a box of these items tied in a plastic bag by the back door until I can get back to the store to return it. They smell A LOT -- they ARE NOT perfume free. I have used earlier versions of these dryer sheets with great success for household allergies. This latest version seems to have undergone some sort of 'improvement' that simply means they can't come into our house again. November 10, 2013
These Bounce FREE sheets are *NOT* unscented!!! Bought a 120 pack of these at Loblaw's. Used them for the first time on my sheets on pillowcases. Got into bed at night. Very strong flower/perfume type of odor on my sheets. Didn't understand what it could be. Same unscented detergent as always. Bounce sheets are supposed to be unscented. What could it be? I open up my linen closet, and the entire closet REEKS of perfume from the open box of Bounce sheets. This is false advertising/marketing. They say "no dyes or perfumes ADDED". I therefore surmise that the scent is not added - yet it is there. OK. Wow. How tricky! Didn't know I'd need a lawyer to interpret the packaging. When you market a product as FREE and SENSITIVE, dermatologist-tested, etc., people naturally assume it is safe for those of us who are allergic to scents and/or have sensitive skin. Very disappointed. Waste of money and I had to wash my sheets and pillowcases again in order to get the smell out. :( August 9, 2013
Excellent product you can trust Bounce is an excellent product that stands out from the peers August 9, 2013
Bounce Free Bar Love the Bar - Super Easy and Works Great! I wish it lasted longer though! May 2, 2012
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